Laszlo Fogas

Good to meet you

Hi I’m Laszlo Fogas, independent Devops consultant.

As a former senior engineer and later engineering director I gained the perspective to effectively operate on many levels of your organization.

I feel home in developer advocacy, building CI/CD pipelines and Cloud infrastructure, up to stakeholder management. This gives me the secret sauce for driving the DevOps transition.

I’m also the maker of Gimlet. A devops product that can give you an internal developer platform on day one of our engagement.

Laszlo Fogas

“We basically had a notion of what direction we wanted to move with our platform and Laszlo facilitated that swimmingly. Along the way we got very good coaching about how to evangelize the new service platform and help with presenting it to the dev teams.”

- Oscar Elfving, Operations Team Lead at Visma e-conomic A/S

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